An example of a player's Ranch.

A player's Ranch is where they raise their Monsters, satisfy their Monster's Needs, and keep their various Buildings. When you first open the game, it's the first area you're brought to every time. From their Ranch, a player can access every other area of the game.

Expanding land

Land that is not expanded will be unusable, to expand it, click on the sign in the middle of that land and pay the money or friend stones. Once you expanded land, the land will flash and turn into usable land. However, this only expands a sqaure of area. And each time you expand more, the price goes up.

Unuseable land

There is unusable land that can't be expanded in anyway. For example: The sea, the mountains, and a tiny island.

Non playable animals

There are seagulls flying in endless circles, there are two flocks of them.