Type Earth
Price 24 Crystals
Level Unlocked 1
Speed 1
Min Damage 12
Max Damage 18

Poochster is an Earth-type Monster in the game Monster Life.

Gameloft description

Gameloft includes a brief description of Poochster on their Monster Life mini site:

Poochster is happiest when he’s got a fresh bag of kibble, a box of milk bones, and a stinky pile of garbage to roll around in. Yes, even Tamano dogs like weird, gross things! Poochster is a good pal, though, and is always the first Tamano that any of the other ones call when they need a favor. Plus, he’s the only one with a Numan driver’s license (though we don’t know how he got it)!


The Poochster has the most obnoxious noises. Before a battle, his head will float up constantly and flap his ears (with his tounge hanging out). In a battle, the Poochster will hold his paws out at the opponent and hang his tougne out. If the Poochster is defeated, his head will roll on the floor, and his eyes will become crossed. If victory happens, he will throw his head around.

Attack Style

Common attacks for the poochster are head-throwing, bone spitting and biting.