Type Air
Price 50 Crystals
Level Unlocked 1
Speed 3
Min Damage 6
Max Damage 9

Mothster is an Air-type Monster in Monster Life.

Gameloft description

Gameloft includes a brief description of Mothster on their Monster Life mini site:

Mothster has always been fascinated by cooking, and when she’s not fighting to defend numa from the forces of chaos, she’s experimenting with new recipes in the hopes of one day opening her own restaurant for tamanos of distinguished taste. She also loves light bulbs – when one is on at night, she just can’t keep away.


When a mothster is not fighting, it'll flap its wings constantly and look around, and flutter a few feet away from the ground.

Style of attack

A mothster will attack by either biting or shooting thorns at the enemy. Its critical attack is performed by turning big and banging its enemy with its spike.