Attractions are a type of Building, and the easiest way of earning gold in Monster Life. Every type of attraction has a different coin quantity production (how many coins they produce at one time) and a different duration cycle (show often they produce coins). Some Attractions produce more coins at once than others, and some will produce coins more often. After you've placed an Attraction on your Ranch, it will eventually display a coin icon at the end of its production cycle. Tap the coin to collect the gold, and the production cycle will start over.

Attractions can be purchased in the game Shop; some with gold, others with friend stones, and others using crystals. They can also be won as a prize when you play the Lottery. Most Attractions are always available in the Shop, but there are some that only become available during special sales or holidays.

List of Attractions

Attraction Type Production Cycle Shop Price
Alchemist Alchemist Midieval 200 Goldcoin 5 Hours 90 Crystal
Egyptian statue Anubis Desert 18 Goldcoin 30 Minutes 700 Goldcoin
Temple Asian Temple Asian 60 Goldcoin 2 Hours 2000 Goldcoin
Bouncer Bouncer Thanksgiving 999 Goldcoin 17 Hours 10000 Fstone
Buddha Buddha Statue Asian 760 Goldcoin 15 Hours 400 Crystal
BusRide Bus Ride School 120 Goldcoin 3.5 Hours 600 Fstone
Circus Circus Medieval 320 Goldcoin 8 Hours 250 Crystal
Cochon Desert Bank Desert 240 Goldcoin 6 Hours 150 Crystal
Farm Farm Medieval 120 Goldcoin 4 Hours 3200 Goldcoin
Jackal Jackal Temple Desert 999 Goldcoin 18 Hours 480 Crystal
Lantern-factory Lanterns Asian 240 Goldcoin 10 Hours 6400 Goldcoin
Nekobank Lucky Cat Asian 560 Goldcoin 12 Hours 350 Crystal
Market Market Medieval 16 Goldcoin 24 Minutes 30 Crystal
Observatory Observatory School 320 Goldcoin 12 Hours 9000 Goldcoin
Papyrus Papyrus Shop Desert 40 Goldcoin 1 Hour 50 Crystal
Quarry Quarry Desert 28 Goldcoin 48 Minutes 1000 Goldcoin
ScaryCarousel Scary Carousel Halloween 220 Goldcoin 5.5 Hours 120 Crystal
Schoolhouse Schoolhouse School 22 Goldcoin 42 Minutes 900 Goldcoin
SkatingRink Skating Rink Christmas 999 Goldcoin 18 Hours 1400 Fstone
SkeletonExpo Skeleton Expo School 140 Goldcoin 3.5 Hours 80 Crystal
Souk Souk Desert 180 Goldcoin 7 Hours 4800 Goldcoin
Statue Statue Medieval 4 Goldcoin 6 Minutes 400 Goldcoin
Festival Street Festival Asian 120 Goldcoin 3 Hours 60 Crystal
Watermill Watermill Asian 48 Goldcoin 1.5 Hours 1600 Goldcoin
Windmill Windmill Medieval 6 Goldcoin 10 Minutes 500 Goldcoin
WitchKitchen Witch Kitchen Halloween 280 Goldcoin 8 Hours 1200 Fstone
     An Attraction that is only made available during Thanksgiving